Thursday, 22 August 2013

Scone Thistle vs Lochee Harp

Pictures here from the opening league game of the season between Scone THistle and Lochee Harp. An entertaining match, it finished 2-2 with all four goals coming in the second half, with Scone coming back from 2-0 down.

Here are a sample of pictures with a full collection found here




2013 Perth Kilt Run

Here are a selection of pictures from the 2013 Perth Kilt Run.

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2013 Perth Show

A selection of pictures here from the Saturday of the 2013 Perth Show

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Sunsets and Dusk Skies - Perth - May / June

Here are a selection of pictures of sunsets and dusk skies taken from around Perth in May and June



Perth Kirkin Of The Council 2013

Pictures here from the 2013 Kirking of the Council, which this year took a different route, and was also expanded.

As usual the Perth & District Pipe Band lead the civic procession to St John's Kirk and back again. This year's procession included representatives from all the emergency services and the NHS. For the first time, the Lord Provost of Dundee City Council and the Provost of Angus Council participated in the civic procession. The Vice Chancellor of UHI and the Principal and Assistant Principal of Perth College UHI also walked the route, along with the High Constables of Perth, the Lord Dean of Guild and members of the Merchant Guild of Perth.

In the congregation for the Kirking service at St John's were representatives from all over Perth and Kinross: community groups, businesses, cultural groups, teachers and head pupils from local secondary schools, and charities.

A selection of pictures below, with the full collection here



Noctilucent Clouds

A selection of pictures here of Noctilucent Clouds over Perth. The rare clouds are the highest clouds that form in the atmosphere, and appear for a short window each year between late May to late July. If the clouds have formed, they will only appear once the sun is 15 degrees below the horizon after sunset or before dawn.

2013 Was a good year for the clouds forming, and here are some photos taken over a few nights.

Full collections of pictures can be seen here.