Sunday, 31 March 2013

Last Day of Tayside Police & Tayside Fire and Rescue

Tomorrow, April 1st 2013, will see the introduction of a national police and a national fire service replacing the current establishment of regional police and fire and rescue organisations. The new police body will be called Police Scotland, whilst the fire and rescue service will be known as Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Decided today to take some photos of Perth Fire Station and Perth Police Station on the last day of them operating as Tayside Fire and Rescue and Tayside Police.

Tayside Police - Western Division HQ - Perth

Tayside Fire and Rescue - Station 21 - Perth

Tayside Fire and Rescue - Station 21 - Perth

Tayside Police - Western Division HQ - Perth

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Nikon D7100: First Shots

I picked up my Nikon D7100 on launch day 14th March, and then this weekend was able to get out, despite the weather for some shots with it.

I got the camera from my local independant shop in Perth, JRS Photo Hardware - as it was £100 cheaper than online.

Here it is with the Sigma 150-500 and 2.0x adaptor attached:

On the Saturday, in the rain, I went out to capture some Perthshire Amateur Leage Football Action. These few pictures were all taken with the Sigma 70-200 2.8 attached. It was worth going out for as one of the pictures was published in the local paper today in their coverage of the weekend's football.

 Please note as well, that all the pictures are reduced in quality pre-upload, just so it doesn't take as long! To see the photos in their original size, then go to my gallery - link at the bottom.
Handheld, 70-200, 70mm  ISO 640 F2.8 1/1000

Handheld, 70-200, 70mm ISO 1000 F4 1/640
Handheld, 70-200, 95mm, ISO 1000 1/800 F4
Handheld, 70-200, 95mm, ISO 1000 1/800 F4
Handheld, 70-200, 70mm, ISO 1000 1/800 F4

Handheld, 70-200, 122mm, ISO 1000 1/640 F4

On the Sunday, something slightly different, went out for pictures of Tayside Fire and Rescue and Tayside Police as they conducted a river search for a missing person.

These shots were also taken with the 70-200 attached, but a couple were taken with the Sigma 150-500, which is a truly excellent lens. I also decided to see what like results I could get with the Sigma 150-500 with the extra 1.3x crop mode on the D7100 which reduces the quality to 15.4mp, but allows an increase to 7fps, and the full 51 point focus across the cropped area.

Handheld with Sigma 150-500 at 500mm with the 1.3x 15.4mp crop mode used. ISO 800 F6.3 1/320

Handheld Sigma 70-200 @ 200 f2.8 ISO 500 1/500
I'll be using the D7100 as my main camera, along with my trusty D300, and so keep checking back to see more images taken with it. You can subscribe via email by using the links on the right.

Please also check out my gallery which you can see here.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Perthshire Amateur Football Action

Pictures here from the South Inch on Saturday March 2nd and some Perthshire Amateur Football action.

In the Ashleigh Cup it was Wolfhill 3 - 1 Pole Team - the match switched to the Inch - and Perth United 0 - 3 Vale of Earn. There was also league action with Letham winning out 3-2 against Craigie in a League Division 1 match.

The full gallery is here, with a selection of images from the matches below:


Friday, 1 March 2013

Perth Flat Fire

Pictures here from a flat fire in Perth's George Street this morning. The fire broke out around 8.20 this morning, and crews from Perth, Dunkeld, Kinross and Coupar Angus all attended. In addition, further support came from Dundee in the form of additional appliances, Command Support Unit, and USAR unit. One man was taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

The fire was brought under control fairly quickly, but crews remained on scene throughout the day clearing up and ensuring the flat was made safe.

Full collection of pictures here

Here are a few pictures from the scene throughout the day.

Perth flat fire as seen from Murray Crescent

Perth Flat Fire

Tayside Fire and Rescue USAR Team at George Street Flat Fire

Tayside Fire and Rescue USAR Team at George Street Flat Fire